Moving House: Top Tips

Moving house doesn’t have to be difficult, it doesn’t have to be as stressful as people think and there are many tips available to ensure that moves are able to go smoothly, some of which we are going to provide today. If you have a house moving coming up or are considering moving, we strongly advise that you continue reading this post…

Tips to Consider

Hire a removals company – As soon as you have a vague idea of when you’re going to be moving you should find a reputable London removal company and inform them. The best removals companies typically get booked up in advance and will require as much notice as possible, even if you are still unsure regarding the definite date/time that you will be moving. It is important that you hire a removals company to help you; they know all of the best ways to move houses and will be able to take lots of stress away from you.

Prepare for a long day – Moving days can be long, tedious and tiring, even when using a removals firm. When moving house you are likely going to be out-and-about all day therefore it is vital you pack plenty of refreshments and as we are in England a jacket and coat to be prepared for all possible weather conditions. Not only this but by the time you get to your new home, it is likely going to be late and you’re not going to want to rummage through boxes to find everything that you need. Pack an essentials box which you can unpack first containing everything that you are going to need on the first night in your new home. Some of the popular things that people put in these boxes include pjs, wash bags, towels, a radio, drinks, take-out money and cleaning products.

Ensure your phone is charged – On the day of your move not only do you need to ensure that your mobile phone is fully charged, but also ensure that you have a charger that is accessible. On your moving day our phone is probably going to be ringing with solicitors, estate agents, removals companies and more needing to stay in touch with you.

Switch off your utilities – Before leaving your old house you should switch off your utilities so that you aren’t faced with expensive bills from leaving them running. When doing this you must also take final meter reading for you gas, electricity and water to ensure that the bills you will receive will be accurate and correct.