Some of the best water filtration systems across the globe

Lack water resources in your surrounding? Want to reduce production cost? Or want to save the environment by recycling waste or unfit water? If the answer to these or any of such questions is yes, then you are at the right place!

With continuously reducing water sources, depleting groundwater level and increasing water demands, using and reusing water judiciously is important. Whether you want to get water treated before use, want to recycle it or clean it before dumping, water purification systems are of great help!

Equipping your factories, workstations or shops with water purification systems is a must and important. Cleaning sewage water, removing unwanted solutes, or separating water from oil and water mixture, you can easily get this water ready to use with unimanix!

Unimanix with its 25 years’ legacy around the high-pressure washer and water purification industry assures quality and commitment! Unimanix offers the solution to all of our needs and requirements. Unimanix guarantees world-class excellence in water treatment industry, whether it bebiological treatment services, mechanical filters, water/oil separator, or coalescing water/ oil separator.

Plans to reuse and recycle the sewage water? Unimanix biological treatment service is there for you! Biological (bio) treatment system can be positively used as a closed loop or a discharge system. Biological treatment system functions through microbes naturally, microbes convert the waste by digesting or treating them into basic constituents like carbon dioxide and water. Biological treatment service is one of the best ways to save water and contribute to a better future.

What if you need to filter your water? Water filled with pollutants, solutes, and gravel! Mechanical filters can do your work as easily you can’t even imagine! Unimanix mechanical filtration (wlp&wcp) systems utilize the old concept of separation using sand in a more scientific and technological way. Providing surety and quality, mechanical filtration (wlp&wcp) systems use sand filtration to remove particulates down to 25 microns. For further filtration and refining, you can always go for in-built cartridge filter, which will filter to 30 microns!

Treating a mixture of oil and water? Wish to separate the oil-based constituents from water and want to do it the best professional way? Unimanix water/oil separator (was&wcl) series and coalescing water/oil separator utilizes various principles of oil and other chemicals, to ensure separation of oil-based pollutants by removing the oil layer!

These unimanix water purification systems are some of the best water treatment system around the globe, assuring effective water filtration along with the 25 years’ old legacy and guarantee of unimanix!